Golf Fitness Workshop

man in black shirt and blue denim jeans playing golf during daytime
Let your fitness in Golf be at the forefront of your game…

We are pleased to bring to you workshops throughout the year on all things health and wellbeing. We will talk specifically about sports and injury prevention as well as how to rehab for certain conditions. Currently due to current Covid Restrictions the workshops running in 2021 will be presented over Zoom.


Golf Fitness with Abigail Reilly

29th May 2021 from 10am-11.30am

Are you a golfer? Have you ever sustained a golf related injury? Do you struggle with your mobility on and off the course and do you wish to improve your stamina or your overall freedom of movement? We have a wonderful new workshop aimed at golfers like you.

Our Online Golf Workshop will be aimed at golfers of all levels who want to stay mobile and strong throughout your golfing season. Ideal for those of you who want to learn more about staying fit for your game. Your mobility, strength and fitness are at the forefront of the workshop.

In a round of golf you will walk anywhere between 3-6 miles . If you carry your clubs round the course yourself then you will be familiar with the repetitive bending, twisting and lifting that you do. All this while swinging your club using different swing techniques. Your body certainly goes through the paces during your round of golf.

Lead by Physiotherapist Abigail, our workshop will start off by explaining to you why its important to include mobility exercises and strength and conditioning into your weekly routine if you are a keen golfer. Some basic anatomy of the golf swing will be covered during this session. This will allow you to understand why specific areas within the body need some focus to improve that swing technique and reduce the risk of injury.

Abigail will then guide you through a strength and mobility session specific to golf. Starting with a warm-up which you can use prior to teeing off and a cool down for you after your game. Please wear suitable clothing to exercise in and bring a golf club. Space to move around is recommended.

If you can resonate with the outline of this workshop then please either call us on 01560 483200 or complete the enquiry form below and one of our team will be in touch to confirm your place. You may even wish to swing by our social media pages for more details.

Price for you to attend the workshop is £25.00 (early bird special rate of £20.00 available until Saturday 22nd May)