Can your pillow be the reason for your neck pain?

There are so many reasons for neck pain. A pillow might not be the reason for the neck pain. However, it can contribute or help with your neck pain.

With the variety of pillows the market provides it’s hard to decide if your pillow is a good match to you.

This will take us back to the favourite position of everyone so bear with me on this.

What’s the best sleeping position for neck pain?

Ideally, we want to neck to be in a neutral position which means no excessive extension or flexion and with enough support above the mattress. 

For side sleepers, the perfect pillow volume would be the one that fills in the space from your ear lobe to your shoulder. When sleeping your neck  should not be is in excessive extension or bent forward. 

If you are a front sleeper, you need a slimmer, softer pillows as the neck will be too close to the mattress, you don’t want it to bend your head away from your body as you will wake up with a tight, sore neck.

For back sleeper you also want your Pillow to be slimmer than the sideways sleeper pillows volume, as this volume will cause your head to be bent forward which is not ideal.

There are some simple steps to be done. Understand your sleeping position. Fill the space between your neck and your shoulder nicely with no neck rotation, bending or excessive extension.

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