Golfers Elbow

Golfers elbow (Medical epicondylitis) is an overload injury that can occur gradually or after a direct trauma to the medial (inside) part of your elbow.  Symptoms are usually aggravated by activities that involve wrist flexion and pronation (turning your palm to face the ground) causing pain in the muscles in your forearm that attach to the inside of the elbow . 

Golfers elbow isn’t limited to golfers however, can also occur in those who play tennis, swimmers and javelin throwers.  However, this injury can also be present if your occupation involves regular wrist movements and lifting activities, which may aggravate the muscles. 

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Tenderness on the inside of the elbow
  • Pain and stiffness with elbow and/or wrist movements
  • Difficulty with twisting movements like opening a jar or turning a door handle
  • Possible mild swelling
  • Weakness with gripping and holding objects

What can YOU do to help with Golfers Elbow?

  • Apply ice to the area for 15 minutes 3-4 times per day
  • Modify aggravating activities. For example, use techniques that put less stress on your elbow and wrist
  • Pacing yourself is key. Split a task into parts so you are not overloading the injured area
  • Speak to your GP regarding Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory medication

What can WE, at Physioflexx, do to help with Golfers Elbow?

  • Manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release can reduce tension felt in your forearm
  • Acupuncture could be suitable for you to reduce pain
  • Tailor exercises to improve your range of movement, strength and function


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