Horseriding Exercises

Horse Riding Excercises which focus on your Trunk/Core .

Why is trunk/core control important?

This can help riders with shock absorption, symmetry and reduce excessive movement within the saddle as well as other factors. It has been suggested that an 8-week strengthening regime may improve symmetry and increase stride length (Hampson and Randle, 2015).

Here are 5 exercise examples to keep you strong and promote better riding!

  • Plank

Try to keep your body in alignment without lifting your bum up. Try to build up the time inthis position.

  • Deadbugs

Lying with your back flat on the ground, lift arms and legs as shown. Slowly lower one arm and the opposite leg whilst keeping your lower back flat on the ground.

  • Leg Lowers

Lying flat on the ground, raise both legs up in front as straight as possible. Slowly lower one leg at a time and repeat both sides.

Window Wipers

In the same position as the leg lowers exercise, then drop both legs slowly to one side, keeping your upper back flat on the ground, lift back to centre slowly and repeat both sides.

  • Russian Twists

Sitting with your knees slightly bent and leaning back slightly. Slowly rotate your body to one side as far as you can, return to centre and repeat on the opposite side.

       References Hampson, A. and Randle, H., 2015. The influence of an 8-week rider core fitness program on the equine back at sitting trot. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport15(3), pp.1145-

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