What is Pilates

Pilates is different from regular exercise. It focusses on connecting the mind to body movement. Pilates is a movement re-education program. Aiming to take your movement beyond normal body positions.

Pilates revolves around 3 core elements: pain, pathology, and movement.

We modify movement to improve your ability to exercise and consequently change your perception/feeling of pain. Pilates wholistic movements can help facilitate change to pathology itself. Consequently, the feeling of pain and your ability to function.

Within Physioflexx we do a pre-Pilates assessment to go through each person’s pain, pathology and level of function so we can focus on improving the function, reducing pain and pathology in a tailored program to suit you.

What is the Muscle sling theory of Pilates?

The human body is divided into 3 main slings that control the overall movement of the body. Any defect of a single muscle would have a direct impact on the rest of the sling and would result in shivering and a drop or inability to preform movements.

In Pilates we use many different tools to reinforce these slings or challenge them if you are in advanced Pilates classes. A Pilates ring helps us work with slings by closing the loop to help the sling and consequently movement to be better. Also, a loop exercise band can be used in the same function.

How can Pilates help me get stronger?

The Program itself was designed by physiotherapists that have rehabilitation experience. It breaks down the traditional high-level Pilates, to a more suitable clinical level. It helps normalise the movement and function controls of our body which help keep us more aware of our posture, body position. Therefore we can correct it and control movement for a more positive outcome.

What positions will I experience?

Many different positions are experienced within the class. The flow of a class would go from standing to 4-point kneeling to lying on the tommy, on the side, sitting and getting back to standing. However different modifications are offered to accommodate each person’s ability and level of control.

If you are interested in trying a Pilates class, call the clinic to book a free trial session. Different times and locations are available.

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