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Strength and conditioning. In today’s world many of us will attend the gym as a way of keeping fit and healthy. Furthermore, when we attend the gym you may have a plan that you follow or possibly join a gym class. For example, yoga, pilates, spin, body pump, lower limb and strength and conditioning classes. There are many different benefits to joining different exercise classes. It is important that you choose a class which is suited to your needs. This is in order to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here at Physioflexx we also run our own Physio-led exercise classes. One of these is our strength and conditioning class. Many of you may be wondering what strength and conditioning is, what are the benefits of this class and also what makes it different to your standard gym class so lets talk through each of these different aspects.

What are the strength and conditioning classes?

The strength and conditioning classes take place within our physiotherapy gym at our Stewarton Clinic.  The classes run on a Monday night from 5:45-6:45pm and a Thursday 5-6pm.  Furthermore, the classes run in blocks of 4 and 8 sessions so you can pick a block size which is most suitable to yourself.   Each block has a set out plan created by our physiotherapists therefore you will get a variety of different strength and conditioning aspects including upper body, lower body, back and core.  Our strength and conditioning classes are also not lead by gym instructors but instead physiotherapists who have qualifications in strength and conditioning.  Moreover, within each of the classes you will carry out strength exercises using different types of weights but also cardio exercises using the treadmill, bike and rowing machine which allows you to improve different types of fitness. 

What makes our classes different?

Our classes here at Physioflexx are different to those run at your local gym.  Firstly our class sizes are a lot smaller in participants which allow for more one to one time with our Physiotherapists. All classes are lead by physiotherapists rather than general gym instructors which allows us to ensure you are performing each exercise correctly using correct form and technique. As well as strength and conditioning exercises we also cover rehabilitation exercises to help you treat any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Additionally, each class can be adapted based on your current levels and ability which allows you to progress and develop at your own pace with physiotherapy guidance. Finally, our small class sizes also allows you to interact with other participants which means you can encourage each other to improve throughout the block and learn from each persons strength and conditioning experiences.

What are the benefits of strength and conditioning at Physioflexx?

There are many different benefits to or strength and conditioning classes here at physioflexx which include:

  • Improving muscle strength and power of your upper and lower limbs, core and back
  • Help to improve mobility and stability through each of your joints
  • Reducing the risk of future injury occurring or previous injury recurring
  • Improve sporting performance by building muscle strength to help you with fundamental skills such as running, sprinting and jumping
  • Improve bone health to help decrease the risk of bone conditions such as osteoporosis
  • Help to maintain strength to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis
  • Help to burn calories and maintain a health BMI

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