Taking Care of Yourself at Christmas

4 Key Ideas For Taking Care of Yourself at Christmas

We’ve all been here before, this is not our first rodeo. And yet Christmas seems to sneak up on most of us every year. We all rush around planning, organising, buying, wrapping, drinking and eating and then suddenly, we’re in that lost bit between the 25th December and Hogmanay.

And it’s been days (weeks… maybe months!) since we’ve even thought about exercise, the gym, Pilates class… Fear not. This blog is here for some quick fixes on getting back onto the road to good health. If you read no further than this, the main idea is that there is no perfect lifestyle, just some small steps that you can make towards a healthier life.

Every option has a good choice, a better choice, a worse choice and the worst choice. For example: drinking alcohol. A good choice is to have one glass. A better choice is to have none at all. A worse choice is to get plastered. The worst choice is to get arrested. See where I’m going with this?

There is nothing useful about a “health kick”, unless you’re changing things that can be sustained. So what small things can we work on?

  • Drink more water. I think I write this in every blog, but even one more glass of water than usual in a day will help your kidneys filter impurities from your body. It will help your skin survive the biting cold weather versus the dehydrating central heating. And it will help you recover from any late nights that seem to crowd in over the festive period. If you’re lucky, Santa will bring you one of these for Christmas to keep you on track!
  • Move more. Even if it’s just a little. Even if it’s just one game of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, or to get up and dance with your Granny. A walk in the winter weather (you will genuinely feel better after, if a little wetter too!) Join a class online if you can, follow some Joe Wicks moves (usual caveats apply regarding checking with your health professional and not attempting the splits etc unless you know you’re up for it.
  • Go outside. What? In this weather?! Yep, please go get some of that very rare sunlight we have at this time of year. Vitamin D is still up for grabs (it’s what helps your body absorb calcium for bone and teeth strength). Even if it’s just to take the bins out or feed the birds, the fresh air and movement alone over a period of 5 minutes will benefit your mood
  • Ask for help. Help making the dinner, help getting rid of the rubbish, help tidying the house before the visitors descend. Or help with the inevitable sadness that many, many people feel at this time of year. Help with loneliness (even if you’re not alone). Speak to someone you know that cares for you, and if you don’t have a “someone”, pick up the phone and call Samaritans on 116 123 (24 hours a day). You can also seek some solace online at, or find some space to look after your own mental health at or Google Headspace.

Have a marvellous time taking care of yourself at Christmas, and apologies if you’re singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in your head now!

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