How to Combat a Sedentary Lifestyle

Poor posture at your desk

A sedentary lifestyle is characterised by increased durations of sitting or lying down, with very little physical activity each day. It’s no secret that increased sedentary lifestyles are contributing to a decline in general health and fitness. 

A sedentary lifestyle of sustained poor posture, lack of movement and habits formed from prolonged desk-based working can lead to various complaints that we at Physioflexx encounter frequently.

Common Issues

If we think of the word posture, most of us will subconsciously ‘sit up straight’ by lengthening our spine. We suddenly become aware of our relaxed posture – slightly more rounded shoulders, slumped forward with head relaxed (how many of you have adjusted your posture reading this?). However, it is important to understand that ‘sitting up straight’ rarely fixes the problem if you are suffering from neck or back pain. A better awareness of your posture is definitely beneficial however, retraining poor movement habits is where we get long lasting results.

Knowledge + Muscle Memory = Power

Here at Physioflexx, we can help you further understand how your posture and body mechanics may be impacting you day-to-day. We can teach you how to proactively train muscles into healthy habits, improving your postural awareness and creating positive muscle memory. The more you repeat a pattern of movement, the more your brain recognises the signal and adopts the requested posture subconsciously.

Step 1: Educate your mind on healthy sitting mechanics

Step 2: Use that knowledge to create new habits and train the correct muscles

Common Problems Physioflexx Treat

  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder/Neck Tension
  • Lower Back Pain/Stiffness

DO’s and DON’T’s

✔️ Ensure your ergonomic setup is tailored to you (desk/chair height, computer screen and keyboard position)

✔️  Choose an adjustable chair that can be tailored to your leg length (both feet should be supported on a flat surface with knees resting at a 90˚ angle)

✔️ A wrist support may be beneficial if you spend long periods of time typing

✖️Avoid spending more than 30minutes at your desk without moving. Stand up and stretch your legs to break that rigid

✖️Sitting with legs crossed holds the muscles around your hip on stretch and can lead to them weakening over time

✖️Leaning into your computer screen overtime can lead to increased strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders

Top Tips

  1. Set a reminder on your phone or computer to prompt some form of movement
  2. Alter your sitting position throughout the day – standing combination desks are becoming a popular alternative
  3. Remember good posture habits can lead to a better quality of life, if in doubt seek help from one of our physiotherapists here at Physioflexx.

Further Information

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