Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are designed for those who are either unsure about attending a gym or unsure of what to do when at the gym. Equally you could be looking for some more input during the course of your Physiotherapy treatment or following it, at the end stages of your recovery. 
Whether you are a current patient, previous patient or never attended Physioflexx before; have 10 years gym experience or none; everyone is welcome to join these classes.

Movement is tailored to suit your ability and to ensure you are safe. The class will always be supervised by one of our therapists who have a wealth of experience, relevant qualifications and have a great interest in developing both your strength and overall fitness.

What to expect during the Strength and Conditioning programme?

On day 1 you will complete a ‘functional assessment’ – like that of an assessment if you were coming for physiotherapy. This allows our therapists to best guide and tailor your programme to meet your capabilities and needs. Forming a ‘baseline’ will allow us to refer back at the end of the programme to see how your strength, range of motion and fitness has improved in 8-12 weeks (*recommended minimal duration).

The programme will progress you each week in upper body, lower body, core control and cardiovascular fitness aspects. Individualised time is given to you within each session to work on rehabilitation specific drills if you have a niggling injury and/or wish to prevent one.

Prior to attending your first class, we will give you a quick triage call (5-10 mins long) that will allow us an initial opportunity to ask some general questions such as: previous gym experience, goals, any pain and/or injuries (previous or current) that we need to know about.

Strength and Conditioning Class Structure

There will be a maximum of 5 people per class, lasting 1 hour in total. Class times: Monday at 5.45 pm and Wednesday at 5.45 pm. Within the session you should expect:

  • Group warm up
  • Breakdown of the workouts/movements that day
  • An explanation/demonstration of each component
  • 4-5 stations working on each aspect of your strength and fitness
  • Time at the end for cool down and rehab drills

What now?

Does this sound of interest to you? Call our Admin team on 01560 483200 to book your space or click on Book Online and confirm your place.

Not ready?

If you feel you are not ready then you could kickstart by following the NHS strength and flex exercise programme at home