Spoon Theory

Spoon theory, have you heard of it?

Spoon Theory was created by Christine Miserandino as a method of explaining fatigue.

brown wooden spoons on wooden rack

This fatigue can be caused by a range of Chronic Pain Conditions including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

So, how do you use spoon theory?

Spoon theory relates to starting your day off with 12 spoons and deducting one for each activity that you carry out. In this theory, the spoons are used as a metaphor for energy.

Some activities may require more than 1 spoon, so plan your day efficiently to ensure your spoons last throughout your day.

brown wooden spoons on wooden rack

For example, if you are having a shower = you would use 1 spoon, for getting dressed = 1 and cooking = 2

Spoons can be borrowed from the following day if required but be mindful that this may result in a cycle of when borrowed an increase in your fatigue may occur.

It is worth remembering, you cannot carry spoons over to the following day meaning that you will never start a day with more than 12 altogether.

Don't let this put you off being active. Try going for walks, running, or attending a gym class. Exercising can ease flare ups of pain and fatigue.

brown wooden spoons on wooden rack

How can Physiotherapy help?

Our Physiotherapists would be able to guide you on how to manage your

spoons/energy effectively. We can support you through your exercising journey which will include advice on how much activity to carry out daily.

Patient centered care is at the very core of our values here at Physioflexx Book Online - Physioflexx Ayrshire

Our therapists will ensure that you exercise little and often. We will gently increase your activity level as well as setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals. 

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