Stand up paddle boarding aka S.U.P

Stand up paddle boarding aka SUP, is fast becoming more and more popular each year. Everyone seems to know at least a small handful of people whom have tried this new trend. But in fact it isn't that new at all, Hawaiians have been using it for years to keep fit when the waves are not adequate for surfing.

Have you tried it? Paddle boarding is a unique activity for your entire body. It is not only fun to do but and has some benefits for your physical and mental health too.

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Some benefits of paddle boarding

Below, are just some of the top benefits of stand up paddle boarding that you can take advantage of. From helping to improve your balance to providing a space for meditation, relaxing and time for yourself out in nature.


One of the greatest advantages of paddle boarding is that it gets you on your feet and helps maintain both your body and mind. Most people only focus on the physical aspects of this activity, but it’s incredibly beneficial to a variety of other health aspects as well.


Paddle boarding requires yout to balance. It takes a lot of balance to stand up on the board. This means that you’ll be practicing both your core and leg strength to keep yourself stable on the board.

If you have better physical balance you may well feel a sense of mental balance too. You may even have better focus throughout the day.

boy riding on surfboard holding black boat oats during daytime
Paddle boarding suits all ages


Paddle boarding can be a great stress reliever due to the sedative nature of the water around you and the ability to make the action all about you. Not to mention, falling off the board can give you a serious adrenaline rush to push off any stressful feelings. Plus, just breathing in the salt air and being on the water by yourself can be enough to get rid of any negative energy you’re possessing. With just your stand up paddleboard paddle in hand, it is difficult to think about any of your past worries.


Actually, contrary to what you may think, it takes your entire body to use your SUP inflatable paddle board well. This means that while you’re paddle boarding, you’ll be working lots of muscles like your core, arms, legs, shoulders, torso and back.

Your body will work hard to maintain balance. At the same time, you’ll use your arms and shoulders to move the stand up paddleboard paddle forward.

man wearing gray sweater kneeding on paddle board with holding oar during daytime


This sport is a very good alternative for people who have difficulty or fear of surfing. You may have friends that surf, and you want to join the fun, but you are unable to. With SUP, you can still get out there and catch the waves and have fun!


Its not unusual to see various yoga and pilates fans in various postures whilst on their paddleboards! Performing yoga or pilates while on a paddleboard adds an extra dimension of balance to the activity. This can be a lot of fun as well as super challenging for someone who may well be an experienced practitioner of either.

A lot of people are unsure about purchasing a stand-up paddleboard, however, once they become aware of all the benefits and joys that it has to offer, they may want to give it a try.

So,what are you waiting for? Give it a try. Have fun!

Katerina's paddleboard on her favourite beach back home in Greece

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