Trail Running

What exactly is trail running?

Trail running is simply defined as going for a run at the heart of nature. It is a sport-activity which combines running, and, where there are steep gradients, hiking, that is run "on any unpaved surface". It is similar to both mountain and fell running (also known as hill running).

So what should you consider?

person in black leggings and green sneakers standing on brown rock

A popular activity for the summer season, but many people enjoy running in the winter months too. Contrary to popular belief and widespread notions, you don’t have to have mountains!

Trail running can in fact be done everywhere. It is considered a “trail run” when you are not on surfaced, paved, sealed or asphalt roads, it’s all about the movement outdoors in nature in fresh air.

Are you bored of road running and looking for some inspiration? Here are some key points to consider when getting your trail running adventure started:

Changing movements- changes loading in tissues and may reduce injury risk.

Change of pace- use small steps when you are running and hike up-hill.

Recover- allow yourself rest between hard sessions.

Lean forward on your way up- drive with your legs.

Relax on the way down- use quick steps to keep your balance.

Clears your head- fresh air, away from busy roads.

Beautiful scenery- keeps you motivated!

Like a playground for everyone- jumping over obstacles, beautiful views and keeps you fit!

Trail running is suitable for all levels of running ability due to the infinite number of routes to choose from. Some routes might be very technical with slippery roots, loose shale and other obstacles to negotiate around , while others will be less taxing.

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Here is a link to some inspiring people running and spending time outdoors: Salomon TV - YouTube

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