Tennis Injuries Workshop

Physioflexx is delighted to announce our upcoming workshop "Tennis Injuries (Prevention and Control)" which will be led by our knowledgeable Physiotherapist and tennis enthusiast Nicole Clarke.  This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for tennis enthusiasts at all levels to learn more about the physical demands of the sport and how to prevent injuries. It's essential for players to understand the mechanics of their bodies while playing tennis, as well as how to maintain strength, mobility, and coordination to enhance their game and avoid injuries.
  Here are some key points that will be covered in the workshop:

Understanding Body Mechanics: Participants will learn about how different parts of the body are involved in playing tennis, including the role of muscles, joints, and posture in executing shots effectively.
Common Tennis Injuries: The workshop will cover common injuries associated with tennis, such as tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, and knee problems. Understanding these injuries can help players take preventive measures.
Injury Prevention Strategies: Participants will receive tips and techniques for preventing injuries during tennis play, including proper warm-up routines, stretching exercises, and techniques for improving biomechanics.
Maintaining Mobility and Strength: The workshop will include discussions on exercises and training programs to maintain overall fitness, mobility, and strength specific to tennis players.
Grip and Swing Assessment: Bringing a racket for grip and swing assessment is a great idea. Proper grip and technique are crucial for both performance and injury prevention in tennis.Overall, this workshop will be highly beneficial for tennis players of all levels, from beginners to advanced players, as they provide valuable insights into the physical aspects of the sport and how to optimise performance while minimising the risk of injury.
Join us at Physioflexx for a workshop that will leave you feeling informed, motivated and ready to pick up your racket!

Date: Saturday 20th of April
Location: Physioflexx, Prestwick clinic, 20 St Quivox Road, Prestwick, KA9 1LJ
Time:  10-12PM
Cost:  £55
To secure your spot at this informational workshop, RSVP now by replying to this email or giving us a call at 01560 483200. Feel free to invite friends and family who could also benefit from this invaluable knowledge.To book online via our website; Select- Stewarton clinic, "group sessions", "workshops" and "Tennis Injuries (Prevention and control)" to enter your details. 

We look forward to seeing you there!